Baldor Electric Motors


Baldor offers the highest quality electric motors.

These are truly great electric motors. All of Baldor's electric motors are American made, and sold both to distributors and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) is more than seventy countries worldwide. Baldor's home is in Fort Smith, Arkansas, but they have made themselves available all throughout this country and the world by strategically placing sales offices and production plants in many different markets. There are fifty sales offices in North America and 26 in international markets, with twenty-eight different production plants scattered throughout China, Mexico, England and the United States. What does this mean for American Electric Motors? It means that Baldor's best quality electric motors are available at our fingertips and ready for delivery to you!

Baldor motors are versatile.

Baldor electric motors can handle as much as 3,000 horsepower in both an AC and DC current. Baldor motors can be custom designed and built, which makes them the best fit for many applications requiring electric motors. Baldor is quickly growing, especially after recently purchasing Dodge / Reliance Electric.

Baldor is capable of producing the best American-made electric motor drives, motor transmissions and gearboxes. From industrial to residential, Baldor electric motor products are ideal for many different applications.

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